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Combined Transport


Combined transport | Co-Loading

Our trucks travel throughout Europe every week. Every two weeks we depart for Spain and every week trucks depart to France, Germany and Scandinavia, Italy, but other countries as well. For these transports, there are often planned loads, also known as co-loadings. This means that several horses, from various customers, travel on the same truck. Practice shows that we drive the requested routes every week, but in some cases the amount of horses can be too low, so that we skip a week. For example during holidays and other seasonal influences.

It may happen that the horses have to be loaded in advance and then continue on the requested trucks. We collect the horses a day in advance. They will stay over a night in our stable and start their journey the day after.

The medical examiner comes on the morning of departure, after which the horses are transported on the right truck to the right destination. At your request, your horse may be examined at home and picked up on the route to the country in question.

On the way there will be a rest at the stables equipped for this purpose.  Your horse will then leave the car for 10 to 12 hours and be parked in a stall.

When your horse has remarkable habits during transport or when we have to take particularities into account, we would like to know in advance.

It goes without saying that every horse is central to us and your horse will receive all the attention and care of our experienced (logistics) staff.

Your horse will have hay at his disposal throughout the journey and will be provided with water at regular intervals.