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Isabelle Saton (dressage)

About Isabelle Saton

Isabelle was born in 2007 and is currently doing HAVO with the special possibility for athletes and young talent.  With her two ponies Dano and Capricho she competes in the Z2 cadre formation and with her horse Santo’s Fatal Love she competes in the Z2 juniors. From 2021 Isabelle is riding International competitions with the ‘Children’ and she has ridden A-cadre scores.

In short, a talent in the making with a lot of future perspectives! World Horses supports Isabelle with her lessons and of course with the transport of her horses to International competitions.


It’s great fun to be a sponsor rider of World Horses! It’s a beautiful company where the well-being and performance of the horses are central. You can also find me on instagram: @isabelle.saton