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Marissa Muntz


Marissa Muntz introduces herself

“My name is Marissa Muntz and I was born in 1994. In 2016 I rode my first endurance competition and since then I am absolutely crazy about this beautiful branch of the sport.

At the end of 2017 I bought Diarmuid LDV, saddled directly from his breeder. I rode him quietly through the national competitions and with this I eventually got our international start ticket. This year we started our first international competition over 100km, a dream come true!

Dia is a great horse to ride. His work ethic and drive are endless and he enjoys the sport as much as I do. I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from the training and all the hours we spend together. When everything comes together at a competition and you cross the finish line with a fit horse after all those kilometers, that feeling is really magical!

I am very grateful to World Horses for their support of a “small” rider in this sport. With this they help me to get further, to make my dreams come true and we can enjoy beautiful competitions at home and abroad.”