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General information transport


We drive to all countries within Europe


If you want to move your horse to another destination within Europe, you are at the right place at World Horse Transport BV. We drive everywhere within Europe and make a suitable proposal for everyone, whereby we try to get your horse to its destination as quickly as possible. We make a distinction between co-loadings and private transport. We are currently transporting to 23 countries within Europe and even if your destination is not mentioned on our website, please contact us. We like to think in terms of possibilities to get your horse to the desired destination.

Via the quotation form you can indicate where the destination is, with how many horses and when. We have trucks to Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and France on regular bases and we go to Italy, Austria, Hungary and the UK every two weeks. We can provide you from these services, because of the good connections between our trucks or in some cases those of our colleague transporters.



Destination in another continent?


World Horse Transport (WHT) has for several years now been able to take your horse to almost every destination in the world. We work closely with affiliated agents around the world to ensure smooth handling.

WHT has various certificates and texts which are necessary for the export procedure of a number of countries or country combinations. A lot of knowledge and preparation is involved in the export of your horse. Documents to be completed, blood tests and planning the trip are a small selection of the preparatory activities. We also guide the process from requesting transport to delivering the horse to destination. We can provide this because for many countries there are often complex procedures, restrictions and quarantine conditions. We can tell you everything about it, but outsource the actual transport to our fellow agents, with whom we maintain close cooperation, also in the field of road transport.

The most common departure airports are currently: Amsterdam (NL), Liege (BE), Luxembourg (LUX), Frankfurt (DE) and Zaragoza (ES).

Praktical information


(Young) horses, not used to traveling, can lose weight during a trip or flight, because they may suffer from stress. This despite the fact that we make every effort to prevent this.

During carriage transport, we advise our customers to only put a thin blanket on horses and we prefer not to use leg protection. Especially during longer transports this can irritate your horse. They start sweating underneath and then kicking (with the risk of damage to your horse) to get rid of leg protection. Vehicles are completely smoothly finished, making it almost impossible for a horse to be hurt. However, we want to minimize the risk of injury. 

Horses must be chipped at all times during transport (or DNA profile). The driver must also at all times be in possession of the passport of the horse in question, which, in accordance with the chip, states the chip number (or DNA profile). Please always give this passport to the driver. We deliver it to the recipient on location.

Blankets and bandages are allowed during the journey or flight, but preferably not on the hind legs. If these items have to accompany the horse, they must be provided with the customer’s name and zip code. Also gladly packed in a box or bag.

Horses travel for the account and risk of the owner / client. An additional transport insurance can be requested.

When transporting a foal or mare, we recommend weaning the foal well before transport. If the foal is only taken away from the mother on the day of collection, we reserve the right to refuse transport due to horse welfare. If the mare is removed too shortly in advance, there will be too much unnecessary stress during transport.

Horses receive hay during transport throughout the journey and water is regularly offered. If your horse receives medication or a special diet, please inform us in time. Chunks and muesli etc. are not fed during transport, but only during stable rest.

All horses from Europe traveling to the USA must undergo the following pre-export test. Piroplasmosis, Equine Infectious Anemia, Glanders (Kwade Droes) and Dourine. Mares older than 731 days must also undergo a CEM test

Accommodation addresses


On our international transports, horses and our employees rest on stables equipped for this purpose. We use the same addresses in every country as much as possible, where we have often come with satisfaction for years. Depending on your wishes, your horse will be placed on straw or curls, and after the journey will be walked or, if you like, may stretch his legs in a paddock. Our drivers will take care of your horse upon arrival and will immediately check your horse for fitness and the like. During the journey your horse will not be given any concentrates (chunks or muesli) at the rest stable, this can be given on request.



Track & Trace


Your horse travels on a truck on which Track & Trace is an obligation. All our vehicles send out a signal every minute that accompanies speed, place and temperature. When a ramp opens, all data is also sent directly to our office. In this way we know at any given moment where your horse is, how long a journey will take and how long, for example, a ramp has been open and in which town and/or postcode area it was.

If you have any questions during the trip, you can contact our office and we will keep you informed about the course of the trip if you wish. World Horse Transport is a horse transport company that attaches great importance to service. By means of this technique, we can be of extra service to you.